Archery Gadgets: (And Stuff)

Here are some of the Archery 'Gadgets':









Canadian Quiver
Altier Sight
Kudlachek Levers
Mike Darrel Quiver
Al Quivers
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1. Made in Korea in the early 80s used an infrared device attached to the air bow, the bow could then be aimed at the receiver and fired, the receiver would then show where the arrow would have hit.

2. 2 of the original style of arrow straightener from the 50s/60s, these were tube straighteners.

3. 'Extreme' Tuning System - allows for the nocking point to be kept parallel through full draw. Attaches to the bow.

4. An original multifletcher of unknown make and history owned by Ivan Buchanan, could have been made by him (probably was).

5. Martin Lovo Bow Press - Designed in the early 80s by Canadian Don Lovo and produced by Martin Archery. Far ahead of its time allowed for work on bows without pulling down and breaking the handle. Allowed for weight and tiller measurement while drawing the bow.

6. Covey Arrow Straightener - Probably the best designed easiest to use arrow straightener. Did not come with the gauge, but many of us retro fitted them for easier use and more accuracy. (I have 3 of them)

7. Prairie Falcon Sight Leveler - Designed by Gene Leuck, levels sight in all planes

8. ASP 100 Sight, unique design, the pins were said to have 'memory'. Donated by Dan Beausoleil of Ottawa.

9. In the early '90s, I worked on a promotional quiver produced by Neet Archery (Leeroy Young) for the Canadian Team - this is the draft model.

10. Altier Sight - From the '70s - ahead of its time for accuacy, required absolute alignment, which was hard to do with the bows of the day.

11. Kudlachek Levers - invented by Don Kudlachek of Washington State, they widened the force draw curve, making the draw smoother and more efficient. You can see them on many of my bows in the collection.

12. I quiver I made for Mike Darrel in the '70s

13. A couple of my old quivers