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Notice: Tournament dates and timings change and there is no guarantee of the accuracy of this data, so please check in with tournament organizers before attending - avoid disappointment.


The Calendar in table format is no longer available.


FAQs for the Calendar:

Overall note:


Yes, we have a form Word Version / PDF Version


Be aware that your club and 'place' information are separate files and kept in our database after your event is over, so if there is a change to contacts or location, please let us know.


How to list your shoot:

Just a matter of sending me an email the more information you provide the better, while we can get it entered with just the date and the place, here is the information, we can add to make your shoot better known:

Your Club Information:

Your club information is a separate file, which we connect to your different shoots, so if you have different contacts for different types of shoots, just let us know, we'll list them separately such as 'Your Club Target' and Your Club 3D' etc.

Place (actual location of the shoot) If you have an indoor and an outdoor location or a target and a 3D location, let us know and we will list them a separate 'Places'. This is also a separate file that gets connected to your different shoots.

Listing your actual tournament:

Date (Start date/End Date) and Start Time (not required, but nice to have)

Any special notes (like pre-registration required, camping available, lunch served etc)


Posters - We can link to a poster of your event, in most formats (jpeg, Word, PDF etc), just send the poster and we'll link it to your shoot.


Type of Tournament - Such as 3D, 18M Indoor, 720, 900 etc. We have a listing of what we're using now, but we can add special events to suit your event.


New Events - When a new event is added it shows as dark (Cadet) blue, after 7 days it will show in the default colour, light (Deep Sky) blue.


Changed Events - Changed or updated events will show as magenta for 7 days then revert back to Deep Sky Blue


Download the file - You can download the calendar to different formats (Excel, CSV, Word and HTML), you can adjust the sort and other parameters before downloading. Just click on the printer at the bottom of the calendar page.